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Report: Bulls Offer Kirk Hinrich Contract; Will Grizzlies Offer More Money?


It appears as if the Chicago Bulls have already reached out and offered Kirk Hinrich a contract, which is something we knew all along they were looking to do. The thing is, the offer seems quite low, if you ask me.

According to the ever popular "person with knowledge of the situation," via CSN Chicago's Aggrey Sam:

It’s been reported that the organization reached out to former Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich at the outset of free agency and according to a person with knowledge of the situation, offered a deal at or just above the veteran’s minimum and below the "mini" mid-level exception, which could be under the desired price range.

Now, I'm not saying that Hinrich is worth anywhere near the $8.1 million he banked last season, but to put the number somewhere near the veteran's minimum (about $1.2 million) seems a bit low to me. Couldn't we come in and offer him the mini mid-level ($3 million)? I mean, that might be a bit too high for Hinrich at this point in his career, but if we want him we're at least going to have to do better than the veteran's minimum.

The question, though, is would the cash be enough to sway him from a situation where he returns to the team that originally drafted him and he gets put in a situation where he will at least be able to start games until Derrick Rose returns from injury. Those are certainly important factors. Though, so too is cash.

So what do the Grizzlies do now, knowing that the Bulls are looking to sign him close to the veteran's minimum?