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Marc Gasol Weighs In On the Battle Between the '92 Dream Team and the 2012 Olympic Team

"Yo, Tony, watch this..."
"Yo, Tony, watch this..."

Hey, alright, it's Marc Gasol and he's throwing his support behind the 1992 Dream Team in their "dream-scenario" match-up against the 2012 USA Olympics team.

According to HoopsHype:


Look, I'm not going to play this game, since we really will never know who would win in a make-believe match-up between the two teams. I mean, really, we'll never know. BUUUUUT.... I will say this...

I think what's often missing in this senseless debate is that while the '92 Dream Team was probably the greatest team ever assembled, and while they did embarrass their competition from one game to the next, you can make the case that the competition they faced in the '92 Olympics probably wasn't anywhere near as good as this current Argentinean team or the this year's Team Spain or even this year's Brazilian team. For whatever that's worth -- I suppose it gives a little room for debate when you start throwing around margin of victory.

But, again, I'm not even going to play this game nor pretend like I care which team was better. All I know is that this is pretty great of Marc to troll-so-hard as they get ready to give Team USA a run for their money.