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Grizzlies Still In Need of a Backup Center


It appears as if the Grizzlies have solved their shooting woes this summer, not with a trade or free-agent signing, but with the development of Josh Selby. Now, we've talked about Selby and his stellar performance in the Las Vegas Summer League, and we also warned you to temper your expectations for the second-year combo guard this season since, well, this is the Summer League we're talking about here.

But with Selby, Jerryd Bayless and, possible, Wayne Ellington, the Grizzlies have "added" some nice depth at the 2-guard position and a somewhat improved shooting touch from beyond the arc.

Now, however, we're in a place where we have 13 players under contract -- with the possibility of Jeremy Pargo being bought-out or traded, dropping us to 12 players -- and our only glaring need right now being a backup center. Sure, you can never have enough shooters, so we would welcome another stretch '2' or '3', but we absolutely need another center on our roster -- unless, of course, you want Zach Randolph or Marreese Speights to fill the role for 10-12 minutes per game. I know I don't.

Naturally, you have to think that giving Hamed Haddadi -- fan favorite, and all-around solid backup -- a look would make the most sense. Especially when you consider who is left on the market -- Lou Amundson, Joel Przybilla, Eddy Curry?

While limited in minutes, Haddadi has been highly-effective when on the court, especially off the glass and on the defensive side of the ball. Last season he posted a 20.1 Total Rebound Percentage and a mind-blowing 10.3 Block Percentage -- meaning, he made the most of his minutes! Now, granted, these were in limited minutes, but it goes to show the effectiveness and efficiency Haddadi can provide when on the court.

There's also a part of us, as Grizzlies fans, who just simply like the guy. I mean, you never want your heart to make NBA decisions, but, again, when you consider the options left, Haddadi is certainly among the best, if not the best available center. So in this case, both heart and head win out!

Again, this is less of an appeal and more of a statement as to why they should consider Haddadi. I still think we need another big, someone who can spell Marc Gasol for about 10-14 minutes per game -- or even someone to take on 6-8 minutes, only pushing Speights or Arthur into the middle for 4-6 minutes per game. And when you consider the options, really, there's no reason to let an improved Haddadi walk and play elsewhere.