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Dante Cunningham Traded to Minnesota, According to Cunningham


We reported last week that the Timberwolves and Grizzlies were closing in on a deal that would send Dante Cunningham to Minnesota for Wayne Ellington. There was some speculation, however, as the trade seemed to drag along throughout the week, that the Grizzlies were considering pulling out of the deal after seeing what Josh Selby is capable of, as he took home co-MVP honors in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Now, however, it appears as if the deal is official. At least that's what Dante Cunningham would like us to believe.

Obviously we were well-prepared for such a deal, and we've already discussed the benefits of adding Ellington, who can help provide a nice scoring punch off the bench, but I do think that with Selby's play over this last week a lot of Grizzlies fans almost soured to the idea of adding Ellington."He'll block Selby's development!" Maybe, but probably not. Remember, Ellington himself is still young (24) and developing his NBA game. I fully expect the Grizzlies to utilize both players, and almost stick with the hot-hand.

Still, I've said it a million times and I'll say it again: you can never have enough shooters! Especially on this team, where Selby really was our "only" legitimate 3-point threat prior to this deal.

We'll update as we hear something more "official," but it appears as if Cunningham is already packing his bags, which seems pretty official to me.