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Happy Times: 2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies Schedule Announced

<strong>JUMP BALL!</strong>

Not that one should ever doubt him about anything in the history of America ever, but Tony Allen was damn right earlier today. The NBA regular season schedule was released today, and it remains -- especially without a lockout! -- one of the more exciting days for pro basketball fans anywhere. It also sends a sharp pang to the heart when you remember how far we have to go, but oh wells, right? Now we've got freaking games and dates and times to print out and stare at. This is awesome.

Right. So Allen was totally correct, as the Memphis Grizzlies will open their 2012-13 campaign against their most recent postseason dance partner, the Los Angeles Clippers, at the Staples Center on October 31st.

The Grizzlies' official team site has a pretty great roundup of the entire schedule here. 15 nationally televised games means it will be lots of fun to share a little more of these Grizzbros with an expanded audience. What I like even more is that while some of those national games are against the likes of our old Oklahoma City Thunder friends and the New York Knicks -- who just sort of show up and say "Hey, we're the Knicks, which way to ESPN?" -- Memphis is also involved in some of those good old fashioned Western Conference late night wonder-match-ups, paired up with the likes of the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks for exceptional nocturnal viewing.

Of course, there's a great big schedule behind these shiny national TV games, and it'd be great to hear from you regarding any of that. Send your thoughts this way. Biggest thing for me: This season, there's gonna be 82 of these beauties. Maybe we should start tomorrow?