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Ray Allen Is NOT Scheduled to Meet With the Memphis Grizzlies

Get him, Tony! Get him!
Get him, Tony! Get him!

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but it appears as if our dream of signing Ray Allen this summer to a 2-year contract is pretty much, well, just that; a dream.

According to's David Aldridge:

What does that technically mean? Well, it means that if Ray Allen was seriously considering the Memphis Grizzlies it's likely he would have taken the time to at least schedule a visit. In these types of deals, a phone call usually won't suffice.

We knew that it was going to be a bit of an uphill battle, considering the Miami Heat can offer him the best opportunity to win another championship ring while the Boston Celtics actually talked about offering him more money, $6 million per, than the Grizzlies could, by rule, offer up.

Still, I thought that at the very least we had a shot and we could convince Allen that with him on our roster we would be able to make a legitimate run at winning a title.

I guess this doesn't mean we're technically "out of the running," but at this point it just doesn't seem likely. So, Nick Young, anyone?