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O.J. Mayo Has No Interest In Your Mid-Level Exception


Here's your O.J. Mayo free agency update, as we learn via the Boston Herald (via I Am a GM) that he will not listen to any offers from teams who are looking to use the mid-level exception on him. Meaning, he wants more than $5 million per season.

I suppose you can say that he "deserves" to make more than the mid-level, but when you step back and notice players like Jason Terry and Ray Allen, who are both still very good players in their own right (and NBA Champs, to boot), are looking at getting mid-level deals this offseason it almost feels strange.

You have to believe that Mayo will get a much larger offer, most likely from a team that strikes out this summer in their Plan A pursuit, but it will most likely mean he'll have to wait to get his big money offer. The problem with waiting, though, is that if for some reason all the chips fall and the mid-level exceptions start to come off the board and the cap space begins to dry up, Mayo might be left mull over less-than-desireable options -- the Bobcats? A depleted Houston Rockets team? The Orlando Magic!? -- And as we know, Mayo already has this vision of himself playing in only the most perfect of situations, where he gets paid $10-plus per season and gets to play point guard. Wishing you well, buddy ol' pal.

In all seriousness, though, good on Mayo for wanting more money, but he needs to be careful. His options continue to dwindle, daily, especially now that the Brooklyn Nets are out of contention. They seemed like the perfect home for Mayo.