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Grizzlies GM: "We've Talked to Agents of About 15 Players"

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We already know Ray Allen is a top priority for the Grizzlies this summer, though he's unlikely to sign here, but according to Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace the team has talked to the agents of "about 15 players." So, we have options?

Per Ron Tillery:

"We've cast our net in the sea and we'll see if there's any bites any time soon," Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace said Tuesday. "It's been pretty well chronicled who the targets are. Sunday morning, we probably talked to the agents of about 15 players before I finished at about two in the morning."

Again, Ray Allen doesn't seem all that interested in coming to Memphis, but you do have to credit Wallace for reaching out and at least presenting him with the idea. Though, with Jason Terry signing with the Boston Celtics, that does change the game a little.

As for who the other targets are, we know Kirk Hinrich was on that list of players, as well as Randy Foye. We also know they talked to the agent of Alexey Shved, the Russian point guard. I'm pretty sure you can add Andre Miller to that list, though he's now re-signed with the Denver Nuggets. From there, it's probably all speculation -- well, except for the Grizzlies tendered players, such as Marreese Speights, Darrell Arthur, O.J. Mayo and Hamed Haddadi (do those guys count in the tally of 15 players?).

You have to imagine Nick Young will get a look, if he hasn't already, and I'm sure they at least sent a shout to Jason Kidd's agent just to, you know, see what's up -- though he'd never consider Memphis, especially now that he seems attached to playing alongside Deron Williams. Jamal Crawford's agent also probably got a call -- he had to, right?

It's good to hear, really, that Wallace is making pitches, reaching out and kicking a few tires. Fifteen players in a span of 24 hours is pretty impressive. We'll just have to wait to see who might buy into the win-now Grizzlies as a top-notch destination.

I'm sure we'll see something happen in the coming week or two.