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Hasheem Thabeet Signs a 2-Year Deal With the Thunder


Late last night Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reported that our old friend Hasheem Thabeet has officially signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder on a 2-year deal.

I already posted earlier this week about this move being a "possibility," and I admittedly was a bit too harsh on Thabeet, saying that he's on his way to getting a Eddy Curry do-nothing ring. Look, I'm not rooting against the guy, it's just frustrating to see that he might be a part, albeit small-slash-tall part, of a team that seems to be well on their way to winning a title. Man, that's tough to process.

I know, I know, plenty of players have left the Grizzlies and gone on to win championships elsewhere -- Pau Gasol, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, etc. -- but Thabeet was supposed to be a franchise-changer. He was supposed to be our "next." Instead, he just became the guy we passed on James Harden, Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans and Ricky Rubio to get. He's also the guy who is going to cost us our first-round draft pick next year. But... I can't hate on him.

After all, it was the Grizzlies management who whiffed on this pick. And it was them who were unable to take size and teach it how to play basketball. The thing is, the Thunder, just like the 4 teams before them, aren't going to be able to teach Thabeet how to play basketball.

My point is, while I can't root for the Thunder, and I really truly do not want them to win a championship, I just can't trash Thabeet for being a bust. It's hard to root against the guy who we all thought was something -- a basketball player -- when in reality he was really something else -- just a tall dude.

Good luck, Hasheem.