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Report: Nick Young Signs With the Philadelphia 76ers


Yes, another Grizzlies free agent target has just come off the market. Nick Young, who played a pretty hefty role in knocking us out of the playoffs this season, has reached a one-year, $6 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. To be honest, this came out of nowhere. I don't recall any reports linking these two, but...

To be fair, this deal seems pretty reasonable, considering Young is a fantastic scorer, yet one-dimensional ball player. Now, it appears as if guys like Willie Green and Jodie Meeks are both available, if either of those names move you.

Again, the story here is that a number of our "desired" free agent targets are now off the market. And it's not as if we're in the lead to sign Ray Allen, so we might have to consider the likes of Meeks or maybe even someone like Courtney Lee.

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