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Darrell Arthur Signs Three-Year Deal With the Grizzlies

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While you were sleeping, the Grizzlies were able to lock up Darrell Arthur for three years at $9 million, with the third year being a player option. Which reads to me as good value.

A healthy Arthur probably could have made north of the MLE this summer, dot-dot-dot, if he was healthy. However, having missed all of last season with a torn ACL Achilles, the deal now comes at what seems to be a bargain, yet it also comes attached with plenty of risk.

Again, it's not a matter of questioning his talent, but it's a matter of whether or not he's healthy enough and whether the one-year absence might cause any setbacks in his development. Still, I think it's well worth the risk.

Now, the Grizzlies have Arthur and Marreese Speights locked up, which now gives the Grizzlies some really good size off the bench, especially when you factor in Dante Cunningham. It's hard not to like this move.

Next up: we still need a SHOOTER!! Yeah, if you guys could get on that, that'd be great. Thanks.