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In Case You Haven't Heard, The Lakers Acquired Another Superstar

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That smell Dwight, that's the stink of evil.
That smell Dwight, that's the stink of evil.

It's been more or less confirmed now that when the 2012-2013 NBA season begins, Dwight Howard will be sporting the purple and gold. Even worse, in spite of what early reports suggested, they didn't end have to give up Pau Gasol. Basically, the Lakers traded Andrew Bynum and some draft picks that they wouldn't have used anyway for the best center in the NBA (other than our beloved Spaniard, of course).

Once again, the Lakers have proven that "competitive balance" and "shared revenue" and all those other things that the NBA's PR department told us were the reasons for last summer's lockout were absolute bullshit. Granted, almost all of us knew this already, but it's kind of incredible that Los Angeles has managed to expose how nothing has really changed less than a year after the new CBA was signed.

In spite of all the posturing that Dwight didn't want to go to LA because blah blah blah, he's now there for the same reason that every other superstar eventually winds up there: the Lakers are evil are one of the most profitable sports teams in the world and have a long history of success because they're willing to spend money. Look, it's not that complicated; NBA players want to get paid and they want to win, and LA offers them both. The NBA can keep raising the luxury tax and it won't matter because teams like Los Angeles, New York, and Brooklyn will spend whatever it takes to win.

Honestly, as much as I hate them, I don't even blame LA. If Memphis had as many built-in advantages as they do, I would be angry if we didn't use them. As Memphis fans, the best-case scenario that we can hope for is that our brand-new, rich owner comes in and is willing to spend big money right away. Even then, we'd still have trouble competing with LAL and the New York teams, as Dallas' free-agent strikeouts have demonstrated, but at least we'd be better off.

In the meantime, the franchise that has appeared in almost half of the NBA Finals and won almost a quarter of the championships will keep winning and will continue to skip right over the rough, rebuilding years that plague just about every other team. God, I fucking hate the Lakers