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In Which One Lakers Writer Suggests Flipping Dwight Howard for Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay

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Slow news day, eh? With basketball officially done for the next month-plus, after the Olympics came to it's USA-gold-medal-winning conclusion on Sunday, we're likely going to see a lot of junk rumors, ideas and nonsense on the Internet until the opening tip of the preseason. Such nonsense as, "the Lakers should trade Dwight Howard to the Memphis Grizzlies for Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay."

Commence absurd Internet speak: Welp. Wut? Lolz.

First, I'm not going to give this post the ol' business by linking to the piece on our site. Not gonna do it. You can Google a few of the keywords in our headline and find the piece yourself. I get it, this site, who is now property of Turner, is fishing for page views and I really don't feel like sending them any, because this idea is pretty ridiculous.

Second, man, you just got arguably the best center in the NBA for about 50 cents on the dollar and you already want to trade him? Really? Yowzers.


Gasol is a downgrade from Howard, but not as big a downgrade as you might think. At 7'1", he's bigger than Howard and still has more skill offensively. Because of his touch and passing ability, he'd be a better fit for the Princeton offense the Lakers are reportedly going to run. And you can't ignore the instant chemistry that would exist between Marc and his brother Pau in what would be the biggest and likely most skilled frontcourt in the NBA.

Cool. Sure. Not gonna happen.

The Lakers wouldn't do this deal. Never in a million years. The Grizzlies, I imagine, might entertain the thought of adding Howard here, but I still don't think they'd necessarily do the deal. Yes, they'd consider moving Rudy Gay and, no, Marc Gasol isn't untouchable, but the move itself just doesn't make sense from a personnel standpoint. Giving up on Gasol would mean, yes, you would want to get back a franchise big man (which Howard is), but now you're talking about giving up two All-Star talents for Howard and Metta World Peace's garbage contract, which has 2 years and $15 million left on it. That doesn't make fiscal sense, nor does it pass the commonsense smell test. I like Andrew Bynum, I do, but the gap between Bynum and Gasol isn't Rudy Gay wide. Why would you give up both of those assets when the Lakers only had to part with Bynum? That doesn't make sense.

So, before you get into reading on about the Grizzlies getting Dwight Howard in your SEO trade proposal of the week, just know that it's never, ever going to happen. Sorry.


Crazy as it sounds (and probably is)...

Let me stop you right there.