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Grizzlies Announce Their 10- and 20-Game Packages for the 2012-13 Season

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The Grizzlies just released an announcement on their 10- and 20-game packages, along with an all new 10-game Flex Pack option. Intrigued? Let's let the team explain!

MEMPHIS, August 2, 2012 – After completing their most successful season in franchise history, the Memphis Grizzlies are celebrating the upcoming 2012-13 campaign by introducing 10 and 20-Game Packs and an all-new 10-Game Flex Pack option, which provide affordable quarter and half-season ticket options offered to Grizz Nation.

Starting at just $13 per game ($130 total), the 10-Game Pack comes in two enticing options, the ‘Grit Pack’ and the ‘Grind Pack.’ The ‘Grit Pack’ features several contests against some of the NBA’s elite, including a match-up with the New York Knicks (Nov. 16), Los Angeles Lakers (Nov. 23), Dallas Mavericks (Dec. 21), San Antonio Spurs (Jan. 11) and last year’s Eastern Conference Finals participant, the Boston Celtics (Mar. 23).

The ‘Grind Pack’ is highlighted by a matchup with the defending World Champion Miami Heat (Nov. 11) along with the Indiana Pacers (Jan. 21), the latter tilt being the Grizzlies’ annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Day Game. The ‘Grind Pack’ also features the second home Los Angeles Lakers match-up (Jan. 23) and a face-off against the Western Conference Champions, Oklahoma City Thunder (Mar. 20).

And the Flex Pack?

The all-new 10-Game Flex Pack allows you to set your schedule and choose from the biggest games of the season and the NBA’s brightest stars. Great seats start at just $13 per game for every Made in Memphis moment. Fans will be able to select the ten games of their choice with a maximum of three designated A-Games allowed per 10-Game Flex Pack (only available in the Courtside, First Tennessee Club Baseline, Terrace I, Terrace II and Terrace III Level sections).

Now, if this doesn't get you excited for the start of the season... in three months... I don't know what else will.

What do you guys typically get? Single game tickets, season tickets or do some of you do the packages?