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Robert Pera Signs On Three Partners for Grizzlies Ownership Deal

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So, I've got good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want first? The good news? Great.

It appears as if prospective Grizzlies owner Robert Pera has, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, found at least three buyers to partner up with him on what seems to be an inevitable deal for Pera and company to buy the Grizzlies. Some of the co-owners, per the report, are, yes, local!

As it goes:

It has been rumored for weeks that Pera might bring partners into the deal, and I spoke with an adviser to Pera on his deal for the team on Friday who confirmed that he has signed on at least three people to co-own the team with him.

The adviser, who didn’t wish to be identified by name, said some of the partners will be from the Memphis area, while others are from outside. The adviser said Pera’s interest in securing partners is not because he can’t afford it otherwise, as has been suggested - it’s because he wants to make sure he is "engaged with the Memphis community in a meaningful way and also has good strategic thinking around the table."

So, the deal seems to be getting closer to reaching the NBA Board of Governors for the dotting of the I's and the crossing of the T's. The bad news? Well, we still don't know who said prospective co-owners are, nor do we know much, if anything, about how much money Pera really has. Still. After all this time. We know nothing.

But, with co-owners feeding in cash-flow and local ownership involved, what could possibly go wrong? (Cut to: EVERYTHING GOING WRONG!).

Today, we're closer to getting this ownership deal approved, but today we're also no closer to knowing much of anything about who the man/men/women are who are eventually going to call all the shots for our beloved Grizzlies. And that's a little scary, no?