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Memphis Grizzlies Announce Their 2012-13 Preseason Schedule

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Hmm. I see 8 winnable games.
Hmm. I see 8 winnable games.

Hey, look, we have a schedule! Well, a preseason schedule. But, it's a schedule of basketball games, nonetheless, which means we're getting much closer to seeing our Grizz hoop it up, competitively speaking.

Here, with great pleasure, I give you the 2012-13 preseason schedule for your Memphis Grizzlies:

Vs. Real Madrid (Oct. 6)

@ Chicago (Oct. 9)

Vs. Atlanta (Oct. 14)

Vs. Toronto (Oct. 15)

@ Houston (Oct. 17)

@ Milwaukee (Oct. 18)

@ Indiana (Oct. 20)

Vs. Orlando (Oct. 24)

Let's see.... Looks to me like: win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win. That's right, an 8-0 preseason where our meaningless undefeated record gives us little hope for the regular season when, you know, meaningful games happen.

I'm not knocking the preseason by any means, I just think the best thing about these games is that they bring us closer to the actual season tipping off.