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Yahoo! Contributor Makes Game-By-Game Predictions for 2012-13 Season; Has Grizzlies Going 48-34


Oh, yeah, it looks like we're in for one hell of a season, according to Yahoo! Sports contributor Mark Hawkins.

In an attempt to fashion some sort of prediction for the upcoming 2012-13 season, Hawkins went game-by-game and made predictions as to which games the Grizzlies will win and which ones they'll sadly disappoint us and, well, lose.

Now, the analysis isn't all that deep, and there's 100% guessing going on here, but... I don't know. I mean, the Grizzlies, in this exercise, get out to a 8-1 start, which is awesome, but unfortunately struggle early in December.

Game 15, Saturday, December 1 at San Antonio Spurs- Grizzlies open December with loss to the Spurs (Record 11-4).

Game 16, Tuesday, December 4 versus Phoenix Suns- Grizzlies drop a home game to the Suns (Record 11-5).

Game 17, Friday, December 7 at New Orleans Hornets- Grizzlies fall to the young Hornets and suffer their third consecutive loss (Record 11-6).

I hate you December.

Yes, this is a slow news day sorta post, considering that we know NOTHING about what's bound to happen this season. I mean, HOW CAN WE LOSE TO THE HORNETS WHEN ON DECEMBER 1ST THEY WILL TRADE ANTHONY DAVIS TO THE LAKERS FOR STEVE BLAKE?!

Point is, we can make predictions -- and we here at SoV most certainly will -- but to say that we dropped a road game to the Hornets on December 7th, well....I don't know. Maybe?

I will, however, commend Hawkins for giving us a 48-34 record. It could have been much worse, you know, seeing as on November 12th, in an act of desperation form the Spanish government has forced Marc Gasol to quit the NBA as he will be sworn in as Presidente del Gobierno de España because, you know, the Spanish government is looking to make a statement. Glad to see we're able to maintain a killer record!