Trade question from a jazz fan....

This trade revolves around the presumption that the Grizzlies are possibly looking for cap relief (while still trying to stay competitive), and the only way to really do that is trade one of their big four contracts (z-bo, gay, gasol, conley).

The Grizz also get a 2013 first rounder from Utah.

The Grizz get a little cap relief next year when the luxary tax starts, and can cut ties w/ monta's contract if they want the year after. They'll get a decent draft pick, and will be able to stay competitive all at the same time.

Jazz need to send out one of their bigs and get back either a pg or sf, so this works for them.

jennings and ellis are a redundant talent, and lack a big man since they shipped out bogut.

What do you think, is this something Memphis would do (especially if they start out the season and doesn't look like they'll compete for a title)? Or are they more likely to wait and see what happens with their core?

If not the first trade, how about this one-

Grizzlies also get a jazz first rounder and second rounder..

Millsap can play minutes at the three if needed. This would also undoubtedly give the Grizz the best big man rotation in the game. Millsap is a borderline all star talent, (much like Gay).

In the end though, this is more about the draft pick and clearing up more cap space.

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