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Hamed Haddadi returns to action following thumb surgery

After an eight-week rehab stint, following right thumb surgery, center Hamed Haddadi returned to action this week.

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

One of the mysteries of the summer has been the what/when/where of Hamed Haddadi's right thumb surgery. I mean, we knew he was having surgery because he posted a photo of his thumb on his Instagram account, and we knew he was rehabbing it because, yes, he posted a photo of his post-surgery thumb on, wait for it, his Instagram account. But, we never really knew what the deal was -- i.e. how long he was going to be out, and what the rehab process was like.

This is the age of instant information, we need to know these things!

Well, we have some good news to report. Haddadi has officially returned to action after missing the last eight weeks and has no restrictions on his injured thumb. Meaning, he's practicing fully!

Huzzah. Hurray. Haddadi.