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Three Things that Will Change in Timberlake Ownership Era

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As of yesterday, the news is spreading around Grizz Nation: the Justin Timberlake is, supposedly, part of the new local ownership group led by Robert Pera. Reports state that Pera "...has assembled a strong ownership group that includes Justin Timberlake, other community leaders from Memphis, and highly strategic national partners."

But, lets be honest. When one reads a statement like that, eyes blow over the "other community leaders from Memphis" and "strategic partners." Only one thing sticks out.

Justin. Timberlake.

Alright - I'm not going to bring any more attention to him than it needs to be. For all we know, Timberlake's gonna be merely a financial supporter independent of basketball decisions and tell Pera to "Do your Thing."

Sorry. I had to.

My mind's been running with the hilarious possibilities that could come with JT being in the organization. What's gonna change? What are the board meetings going to look like? Who's gonna be the loudest voice and lead the changes for the team?

If it's gonna be Timberlake, I envision three changes to severely take place. Read them after the jump.

(1) The Music.

Forget the typical sports pump-up songs. Timberlake's gonna jam what he wants to jam. Picture it: the speakers blare the starting lineup for the Grizzlies to the musical genius that is Giddy Up. Or, how can he ignore the way the crowd will get pumped through Here We Go?

When the Grizz end the fourth quarter with a statement, sending the opponent home with their tails in-between their legs? You better believe Bye Bye Bye will be playing. Or, how about when the crowd, despite the persistence of the security guards, refuse to leave the FedEx Forum? Timberlake will send a strong message against their desire to "wait out the traffic" with a good, loud, The Game is Over to remind them it's time to leave.

(2) The Uniforms

Pera and the Gang can't just sit back and watch the New York Knicks dish out their new, highly controversial, state of the art, new uniforms and not do anything about it. They've gotta answer back, or else they'll drive themselves crazy. What is Timberlake picturing? Something hip. Something fashionable.

Maybe he'll go the hipster-v-neck route. Could you imagine ZBo wearing a Grizzlies uniform inspired by something like this? Or maybe he'll go the throwback route and make all players walk into the arena with a statement. Who knows? Whatever happens, we're in good hands. I promise.

(3) The fan base

Okay, lets at least have one serious point in here. Timberlake joining ownership? The way I see it, there's nothing bad that can come of it - only good. When Robert Pera signed as the new head-owner, I had to go back and do personal research to learn what kind of life he leads and how he has this much money to invest in a team. No reflection on him as a person at all - he was just a name with which I was unfamiliar.

Timberlake? Everybody know's JT! He's the guy who daily Brings Sexy Back. He transformed an old cliche into a song to top the charts. I had always been pretty apathetic towards him (besides the fact that I was an N'Sync warrior in the Backstreet Boys battle), but started enjoying his stuff when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

In all seriousness, reports share nothing negative about Justin Timberlake. According to those who have worked with him, he's extremely respectful, intuitive, humble, and honest. Several reports, too, have explicitly shared his close relationship with his mother.

Who can hate on a momma's boy?

Consider this your official Straight Outta Vancouver welcome, Justin. Glad to have you with us.