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Timberwolves shoot down trade for Rudy Gay

According to a report, the Timberwolves turned down a trade involving Rudy Gay.


Darren Wolfson of ESPN 1500 in Minnesota reported that the Memphis Grizzlies had sent a trade offer to the Minnesota Timberwolves involving Rudy Gay and, well, T-Wolves GM David Kahn quickly shot it down.

Wolfson said:

But according to a league source, he [president of basketball operations David Kahn] turned down a trade proposal from Memphis for Gay recently. In fact, the source insists Kahn said no immediately. It's unknown what Memphis' idea was, but since it was turned down emphatically, logic suggests it involved All-Star Kevin Love and/or center Nikola Pekovic. It's possible three- or four-team trade scenarios were discussed, too.

Wow, talk about shooting for the stars there. Love, who was originally drafted by the Grizzlies -- later traded to the Timberwolves in exchange for O.J. Mayo -- is currently out for 8-10 weeks due to a broken hand. Pekovic, on the other hand, is healthy and among the top centers in the NBA.

So, kudos to Chris Wallace for at least making the call, though you could argue that the Grizzlies real isn't adding Pekovic, but adding a wing-shooter to replace Gay.

The trade proposal itself isn't known, but, again, it's interesting to see that Wallace really is making a push to move Gay.