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Video: David Lee Says Z-Bo is His Toughest Matchup

In a video for the Grantland YouTube channel, Stephen Curry and David Lee talk about their toughest matchups, and Lee says his is Zach Randolph.

It's not every day you hear NBA players talk about who they least like playing against, but Stephen Curry and David Lee of the Golden State Warriors took to Bill Simmons' Grantland Network YouTube channel to do just that.

For Curry, his least favorite matchups are Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook, which is understandable.

For David Lee? It's the Grizzlies' own Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol gets a mention, too. Lee and Randolph played together for the New York Knicks during the Bad Z-Bo days, so Lee has had to play Z-Bo in practice as well as in games.

We knew the Grizzlies were a tough team to play. It's good to hear that sentiment echoed by some of the league's best players.