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Final Score: Grizzlies 101, Spurs 98

Holy crap, that felt like a playoff game.

Manu had to be pieced back together like a crash test dummy after this dunk.
Manu had to be pieced back together like a crash test dummy after this dunk.
Spruce Derden–USA TODAY Sports

That Rudy Gay dunk is not on YouTube yet, but it will be. Period. It's going to be everywhere, because Rudy Gay almost ripped the rim clean off the backboard. Was it Ginobili he dunked on? If it was, Ginobili now has one fewer life, like on Mario. He's closer to a game over.

The Grizzlies turned a halftime lead into a horrific 17-point 3rd quarter, before Darrell Arthur hit the floor and started causing trouble for the Spurs — who have been having nightmares about Darrell Arthur since the spring of 2011. For all I know, Darrell probably thought it was 2011 all over again. It sure sounded like a playoff game in there tonight.

Darrell sees your pick,
And he sees that you will roll;
He will blow it up.

Yeah. Darrell Arthur, exploder of other teams' pick-and-roll offensive sets. It's one of my favorite Grizzlies "little things" to watch.

Here's your box score:

Final - 1.11.2013 1 2 3 4 OT 1 Total
San Antonio Spurs 25 18 28 24 3 98
Memphis Grizzlies 22 29 17 27 6 101

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We'll have a full recap up either later tonight or in the morning, but until then, let's see those haiku in the comments! And you can check Pounding The Rock for news updates about whether Manu Ginobili survived Rudy's dunk.