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Rudy Gay Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic Expressed Interest

The Magic have floated J.J. Redick's name in connection with a possible trade for Rudy Gay.


The Orlando Pinstriped Post just linked to a report from Bill Ingram of HOOPSWORLD that the Orlando Magic are interested in trading for Rudy Gay.

Right now the Grizzlies are exploring Rudy Gay’s trade value, a search that has turned up interesting names like Bradley Beal from Washington and J.J. Redick from Orlando, to name two of the many teams who have expressed interest in Gay.

J.J. Redick, of course, has been mentioned in connection with the Grizzlies since the summer, since he’s a proven, veteran shooter and that’s what the Grizzlies desperately need to bolster their post-oriented offense.

It’s hard to know what other assets Orlando may be offering the Grizzlies, but it looks like we’re still in the thick of trade rumor season.

That HOOPSWORLD post also has a video interview with Gay that was apparently filmed in the visitors’ locker room in Dallas on Saturday night.