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Game Recap: Clippers top Grizzlies, again

If Chris Paul is an MVP candidate then Rudy Gay should run for president.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

With CP3 out, the Clippers continued to run like a well-oiled machine Monday night. But without Rudy Gay, the Grizzlies just couldn’t score.

This game was decided in the 1st half. It was a 19-point game at halftime, with a final score of 99-73.

It was clear that Vinny Del Negro gave Blake Griffin the green light early. Z-Bo let him get loose early, and it hurt the Grizz. Hollins, meanwhile, ran the offense through Marc to start. That took DeAndre Jordan out of game pretty quickly with two fouls.

While it was a solid start to the game, the Grizzlies missed 10 of their last 11 shots to end the 1st quarter. Then there was more of the same to start the 2nd. The Clippers bench extended the game behind Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Grant Hill (yes, he’s still in the league). The Grizzlies offense then disappeared, leading to a double-digit deficit {can’t help but wonder what effect Rudy’s scoring ability would’ve had on this drought}. Randolph, 10 pts & 6 rebs halfway through the 2nd, was the only guy playing for Memphis.

The Clippers controlled the pace of the game, a testament to starting PG Eric Bledsoe. The Grizzlies only scored 34 pts in the 1st half while the Clippers had a healthy 53. Crawford at the half had this to say: “we had to hit them first...they’re an aggressive team, very physical team.” I dread to think what the score would've been had the Grizz not gotten 14 offensive rebounds in the 1st half. Another positive sign to start the 2nd half was that Blake Griffin had 3 fouls. DJ then joined him with 3 fouls, 1:13 into the half.

Neither team really played well in the 3rd quarter, but I guess it didn't matter. This was a blowout in every sense of the word, and makes you wonder if management's actions lately are having an effect on this team. After some big wins over playoff foes, Memphis has lost two in a row in ugly fashion.

It looks like Mike Conley is already getting ready for the game at San Antonio on Wednesday. In the 2nd quarter, he rode referee Pat Fraher like a rodeo trying to get a loose ball on the sideline.

I think everyone in Memphis should take his lead.

Let's just look forward Grizz Nation.