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GameThread: Grizzlies @ Spurs

The Grizzlies are in San Antonio tonight to take on the Spurs for the second time since they beat them in overtime last Friday night in Memphis.

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Remember this?

The Grizzlies have not played well since last Friday night. What happened last Friday night? They beat the Spurs in overtime, 101–98, in a game that saw Rudy Gay hit big shots, obliterate Manu Ginobili on a Dunk of the Year candidate, and miss two free throws that would’ve iced it in regulation, and put the Grizzlies on top in overtime. Darrell Arthur had the best game he’s had all year so far. Zach Randolph had 18–10, and Marc Gasol had 10 points and 6 rebounds going head-to-head against Tim Duncan.


Now we get to do it again.

After a 21 point loss to the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas — one night after the Spurs game, which was probably understandable — and after an absolute blowout at home against the Clippers on Monday, when Rudy Gay and Chris Paul both sat out, the questions that surrounded this team about who’s getting traded when and who’s going to coach and whatever else is floating around seemed to amplify.

"What’s going on with the Grizzlies?" people ask.

The Grizzlies' offense without Rudy Gay looked much worse than the Clippers' offense without Chris Paul. A 2-11 night for Mike Conley and a 4-13 night for Marc Gasol added up to a shooting percentage of 30.3%, which is a Grizzlies franchise record for lowest shooting percentage in a home game. Do you remember how bad the Vancouver Grizzlies used to be? And they never did that.

Let’s see which Grizzlies team shows up tonight. The one that swept their West Coast road trip and beat the Spurs, or the one that the Mavericks and Clippers wiped the floor with.

Then we can start having that conversation. I’m willing to believe that they were exhausted Saturday, and that the lack of Rudy Gay hurt the offense more than the lack of Chris Paul hurt the Clippers. LAC’s bench is obviously much better than ours.

So let’s see how tonight goes before we start worrying. Look on the bright side: if the Grizzlies hadn't gotten blown out, Tony Wroten wouldn't have played so many minutes, and he had a great game! Maybe Lionel will let him off the bench before the score differential is 20 this time!

Grizzlies and Spurs! Manu Ginobili is out. Says it’s a strained hamstring, but I bet he’s just still embarrassed by this (yes I’m showing it to you again):

Let’s talk it out!