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GameThread: Grizzlies vs. Kings

The boys in Beale Street Blue take on the Sacramento Kings tonight at FedExForum.

"Who, me? Oh, just hangin' out."
"Who, me? Oh, just hangin' out."

Kings! Grizzlies! Basketball! I am yelling for no reason!

Questions for tonight:

  • Will the Grizzlies lose by 20+ points again, or can they get their act together — without Zach Randolph — and beat the Kings?
  • Will the Grizzlies shoot more than 30% from the field?
  • Is DeMarcus Cousin going to throw a tantrum?
  • Will Tyreke Evans miss more than 5 jumpshots?
  • Is this too many questions?
  • Are you one of those people who pronounces "questions" "kwerstions"? You should stop.

Let's talk it out!