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Report: Front office leaked Gay-to-Phoenix rumor

Rich Bucher is reporting the Grizzlies front office floated Rudy Gay trade rumors to spark up interest from other teams.


Rich Bucher, formerly of ESPN, gave us this juicy nugget late Friday night:

"Source with a team interested in Rudy Gay: the Gay-for-Jared Dudley/Michael Beasley deal was leaked in order to generate more offers from around the league."

The Washington Wizards appear to be the main target of this ellaborate ruse. The report suggests that the Grizzlies (already offered a package including Trevor Ariza & Emeka Okafor) are trying to pry rookie SG Bradley Beal out of the nation's capital. They're also hoping to get more immediate salary cap reief instead of taking on contracts that expire in 2014.

According to Bucher, one front office executive was quoted as saying: "Hey, we can do better than that."

With the 25-13 Grizzlies currently sitting at 4th in the Western Conference, the front office 'can do better than that'.