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GameThread: Grizzlies @ Bulls

Fresh off last night's win over the Kings, the Grizzlies are in Chicago tonight to play the Bulls.

Kevin C. Cox

The Grizzlies are 25-13. The Bulls are 23-15. Tonight, one of those records is going to get better and one of them is going to get worse.

The Grizzlies have struggled on the SEGABABA this year, losing in San Antonio, in Dallas, in Houston, at home against Atlanta. They've won at the Bobcats and at the Kings, but it's safe to say a road game against the Bulls is a little tougher. The Bulls are coming off of two straight overtime wins, the most recent of which was just last night in Boston, so they're going to be tired.

With any luck the Grizzlies can pull off the victory tonight. Zach Randolph is back in the starting lineup tonight, while Luol Deng is out for Chicago. And, well, Derrick Rose.

Let's talk it out!