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Should the Grizzlies Sign Daequan Cook?

Might recently-released Daequan Cook be a solid replacement for Q-Pon until he returns from his MCL injury?


After Monday's performance against the Indiana Pacers, the Memphis Grizzlies need to find a quick solution to their outside shooting since Quincy Pondexter will be out a while.

The Houston Chronicle has reported that the Houston Rockets have cut forward Daequan Cook to sign former San Antonio Spurs player James Anderson.

Known as a shooter around the league, Cook, who stands at 6-5, could come in and provide three important things the Grizzlies need right now: 1) replacing Quincy Pondexter's productivity, 2) resting Rudy Gay (who played 40 minutes Monday and 3) spreading the floor.

You've all heard the "Grizzlies can't shoot threes" narrative multiple times and it's been beaten to death constantly, but once again it's a problem. In December, the team shot 31.5 percent from behind the arc. That's the 4th worst in the league over that stretch.

Cook, a career 37 percent shooter, could provide some help for the rest of the season playing forward and guard. He could also help when Wayne Ellington gets into one of his shooting slumps.

On the season Cook is averaging 3.4 points per game (12.0 per 36 minutes). While his numbers haven't been great this season, he's played better when given more minutes. In November averaging 15 minutes a game, Cook averaged 6 points and 2 rebounds while shooting 40 percent from behind the arc. Also, in the one game he's started this year, he had 18 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Since then he's been buried on Houston's bench behind a slew of forwards.

The Grizzlies haven't shown any indication they're going to make a move, but if they do, they have a shooter waiting for them in free agency.