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Final Score: Pacers 82, Grizzlies 81: Too Late

That was a low-scoring game. And the Grizzlies scored even lower than the Pacers did. And the last play didn't look so good.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

1.4 seconds on the clock. Mike Conley inbounds to Rudy Gay for the game-winning shot... and Rudy dribbles once, hesitates, thinks about dribbling again, and... doesn't get the shot off in time.

The shot went in.

But he dribbled.

On a catch-and-shoot play.

And the buzzer went off before he took the shot.

So we lost.

Time is never kind
Especially when Rudy
Has to save the game.

Let's see those non-victory haikus. I need a drink.