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Report: Grizzlies to sign Bill Walker, Delonte West and Sasha Vujacic

Christopher Pasatieri

After making a trade that sent out three bench players, along with a 2015 draft pick, to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Jon Leuer. The deal left the Grizzlies two roster spots below the league minimum, which meant that another move had to be made.


According to Chris Vernon:

BREAKING: Grizzlies are going to sign former Knick Bill Walker and former Celtic Delonte West. Also will sign Sasha Vujacic.

Vujacic, who recently played with the now Brooklyn Nets, was in Turkey this past weekend for the Turkish All-Star game.

Delonte West was most recently cut by the Dallas Mavericks due to his off-the-court behavior, which makes you wonder... anyway.

Bill Walker is an interesting sign, especially since the Grizzlies have long been enamored with him and ever entertained the idea of signing him this past summer. As a whole, the players going out vs. the players coming in looks pretty even to mean. I think the one good thing is that the Grizzlies now have better outside shooters, which could be huge for them in their playoff run.

More soon? Probably.