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Reports: Walker, West, Vujacic Not Signing With Grizzlies

Earlier reports indicated the two were already in the process of being signed by Memphis, but now that appears not to have been the case.

Clive Rose

It was Chris Vernon who started the rumors and reports about Bill Walker, Delonte West, and Sasha Vujacic signing with the Memphis Grizzlies, and it was Vernon who shut 'em down just moments ago on Twitter:

Vernon earlier said that he did not mean to indicate in his initial tweets that Walker, West, and Vujacic had been signed -- just that they were under serious consideration. By the time he clarified his statements, several sites -- including ours -- had already reported the rumors.

Vernon is now reporting that the Grizzlies will sign Chris Johnson of the D-League to a 10-day contract tomorrow:

So it looks like you Sasha Vujacic Haters Club members out there get your wish for a little while longer, too: the guard is signed to a contract in Turkey which has no NBA out, so extracting him from his current Euroleague situation may not be as simple as the Grizzlies had originally hoped.

SOV will be on top of this stuff as it develops.

UPDATE: After this article went live, it was brought to my attention that Ron Tillery of the Commercial Appeal had a report earlier today that denied that the Grizzlies had settled on any of these three players:

Yes, The Commercial Appeal was told that the team will sign at least one free agent and possibly two. Team insiders vehemently denied that the Griz have settled on Bill Walker, Delonte West and/or Sasha Vujacic.