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Rudy Gay Trades: Raptors Still Pursuing Trade for Gay

ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that the Toronto Raptors are still actively pursuing a trade for Rudy Gay.


The Rudy Gay trade rumors just will not go away, and at this point, they probably won't until (1) a trade is made or (2) the trade deadline passes and Rudy is still in Beale Street Blue.

The latest, reported by ESPN's Marc Stein, is that the Toronto Raptors are "engaged in active trade discussions" with the Grizzlies:

Although the framework of a workable trade has not yet been established, sources told that Toronto -- known to be perhaps Gay's most determined suitor -- has continued to make a hard push for the swingman.


But sources say that the Raptors, undaunted by that stance, continue to pursue Gay and also covet Grizzlies forward Darrell Arthur. Toronto, sources said, has made veteran point guard Jose Caldero and blossoming young forward Ed Davis available as the two cornerstones of its offer.

The trade that sent Marreese Speights and Wayne Ellington to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Jon Leuer was widely seen as proof that the Grizzlies intended to keep Gay for the rest of the season, but people "in the know" never quite bought that line of reasoning, and saw it as a shrewd play that would allow Memphis to either keep Gay or trade him for something better since it wouldn't have to be a partial salary dump.

I'm not sure what the Grizzlies would want with Calderon, other than his $10mil expiring contract. Ed Davis is a good young player. I hate the idea of losing Darrell Arthur. He's a joy to watch. Griz fans, what do you think of this deal?