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Woj: Hold up in the Raptors-Grizzlies deal is finding a home for Jose Calderon


According to Adrian Wojnawroski -- he of many Woj bombs -- of Yahoo! Sports, the Grizzlies and Raptors are stalled in talks that would send Rudy Gay to Toronto because they can't seem to find a third team willing to take on Jose Calderon.

Woj reports:

In engagement of 3rd teams for possible Rudy Gay-to-Toronto deal, Raptors struggling to find landing spot for Jose Calderon, sources tell Y!

The initial deal was thought to revolve around Calderon and Ed Davis, with the Raptors interested in Gay and Darrell Arthur, but now it seems as if the Grizzlies aren't so willing to take on Calderon, whose contract expires after this season.

More as the details trickle, or shall we say "Woj-bomb," out.