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Shorthanded Grizzlies Fall Flat to Thunder 106-89

The Grizzlies came out lifeless, shot poorly, defended worse, and got run out of the gym against the Thunder.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well boys, we’ll get ‘em next time…

(What's that? I have to write more? Word limit??) They're telling me I need to write a little more, something about a word limit I need to reach...

In a game where the Grizzlies came out looking like they had already lost, they got blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder by a final score of 106-89. The Thunder hit their first 9 shots, and shot 80% from the floor in the first quarter.

The lone bright spots in the game for Memphis were Jerryd Bayless, who scored a team high 23, and the third quarter offense. The Grizzlies outscored their opponents 33-21 in the quarter, led largely by Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, who finished with 17 and 16 respectively.

Other than that, there were really no other positives. The team committed 13 turnovers and shot 34% from the field. They also had 10 shots blocked, 3 or 4 of which probably should have been called goal tends, and shot 11 less free throws. Zach Randolph missed his first 10 shots, finishing with 9 and 19.

To make matters worse, Hasheem Thabeet had a huge block on Randolph and also got two dunks in garbage time.

All in all, it was a game where the short handedness killed us against the fast pace Thunder team. Our poor shooting and the generous calls they received didn’t help either.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the new players are able to get in uniform and play tomorrow night, because this team will probably lose to the improved Wizards if not. They looked lifeless for much of the game, and were run out of the gym against Oklahoma City.