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Lowe: If the Grizzlies trade Rudy Gay, where might they send him?

Zach Lowe of Grantland broke down all the potential trade candidates for Rudy Gay.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In a lengthy piece, NBA writer Zach Lowe took a crack at speculating where the Grizzlies might consider trading Rudy Gay -- it they do decide to move him at all.

He broke the teams down into two categories: The Sensible Candidates an the (Much) Longer Shots.

In all, Lowe came up with scenarios for 14 teams, most of which are, well, probably not going to happen -- the Wizards aren't going to send Bradley Beal to the Grizzlies. They just aren't.

Some, though, make "practical" sense, yet it's hard to find any one trade -- reasonable trade -- that would work for Memphis fans. At this point, I don't think the idea of trading for cap space and a pick is exactly what the Griz community is looking for as their team looks to make a run at the 2013 title.

At ay rate, it's an interesting read.

Again, hard to make the case for any one deal Lowe speculates on -- do you want Kyle Korver and picks for Gay or Jose Calderon and picks for Gay? -- but there is plenty of practical sense in here.