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Flannery: "The Tao of T.A."


Over at the mothersite, Paul Flannery has a great Sunday Shootaround piece that has a little one-on-one with everybody’s favorite Grindfather, Tony Allen.

There’s a great quote from Doc Rivers on Allen’s effect on a game:

When Tony Allen’s in the building other teams know it. Forget the offensive stuff because he still somehow scores. He just makes things happen.

It’s hard to deny that TA is a big part of who the Grizzlies are as a team. The current "Grid & Grind" Grizzlies (which, let’s not forget, is a phrase that he coined) take a big part of their attitude and their edge from the way Tony plays and the way Tony handles himself.

Go read the piece. There’s good stuff about Paul George and the 6th Man of the Year race, too, but the Tony Allen bit is a good read for Griz fans.