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Grizzly Rumors- Is Tayshaun's Bug Costing Him His Job?

ESPN is reporting that Quincy Pondexter is possibly doing enough in preseason camp to earn the starting Small Forward job for the Grizzlies. That would mean Tayshaun Prince, who is the only Grizzly yet to play this preseason, will be on the bench and possibly on his way out via trade. But is there a market for Tay, and if not what will his role be?

Being "under the weather" may end up costing Tayshaun Prince his starting spot in Memphis
Being "under the weather" may end up costing Tayshaun Prince his starting spot in Memphis
Kevin C. Cox

Coming off the heels of a tremendous preseason performance from Quincy Pondexter in which he showed growth in his game, reports are beginning to surface that Q may indeed be the starting small forward for the Grizzlies come October 30th against the Spurs. But what will that mean for Tayshaun Prince, who according to Ron Tillery of the Commercial Appeal has yet to play this preseason due to a stomach bug?'s Nick Borges had this to say...

Tayshaun Prince entered training camp hoping to battle for the starting small forward position, but he's dealing with stomach ailment, according to The Commercial-Appeal, which has made him unavailable so far in the preseason.

With Prince benched, Quincy Pondexter has been starting at small forward and he's showing enough that he will likely own the spot heading into the regular season. That will leave Prince and Mike Miller to compete for the backup minutes.

Prince is signed through 2014-15 and is owed a total of $14.94 million. The Grizzlies are likely shopping Prince, but the market is very soft for the small forward and it will probably stay that way.

After the debacle that was the Western Conference Finals, in which the Spurs simply went without guarding Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen from the perimeter at times, the possible development of Q-Pon ascending to the starting small forward position is a welcome one. This is a rumor, however, and is not confirmed by any source within the organization. But if it is indeed true, how you handle a player with the pedigree of a Tayshaun Prince going forward bears watching. Tayshaun is an NBA Champion, an Olympic gold medalist and has been a starter in the Association for a decade. However, the bench is already quite full, and at a contract totaling roughly $15 million over the next 2 seasons it is indeed possible that Tayshaun is being discussed in trade talks. Heck, he already has been since last season ended. But what the Grizzlies would get back in those discussions, and what they may have to give up to sweeten the pot, is unknown at this point.