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2013-14 NBA Preseason: Memphis Grizzlies vs Houston Rockets GameThread

For those of you who are able to watch and listen tonight, listen for a slightly inebriated man constantly yelling at Dwight Howard and James Harden from the terrace level. To thoroughly test whether or not you all can hear me, also listen for a few "GBB Rules!" during some of the free throw attempts.

Will 15 of these go in tonight?
Will 15 of these go in tonight?
Concerns for the evening:
  • Can Gasol match some of Howard's rebounding without getting into foul trouble?
  • Can Conley retard the Rocket's transition offense with a few steals and consistent trips to the foul line?
  • Will Bayless get trigger happy in response to what will probably be 30+ three point attempts by the Rockets?
  • Can the Grizzlies defend the 30+ three point attempts from the Rockets?

Feel free to address these concerns as the game develops. Be nice and remember, NO LINKS TO ILLEGAL STREAMS OR GAME FEEDS!