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2013-14 NBA Preseason: Grizzlies vs Rockets Quick Recap

Umm... okay?

War cries did no good tonight.
War cries did no good tonight.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I'm not hitting the "panic" button yet, but I'm inching my finger towards that general direction. In a night where the Grizzlies needed to assert themselves as a reigning Western Conference Finalist, Memphis put themselves out of the game inside the first 10 minutes of game play.

I walked inside the FedexForum a bit late on Friday night, and the game was already over when I looked up to see a 0-9 deficit to the Rockets within 6 minutes of play. It, quite literally, never got better for the Grizzlies. They barely clung to a 20 point deficit for the entire game.

I'm not really sure what to make of this. Sure, Tayshaun Prince was inserted and completely ineffective, if not detrimental, for the team. He couldn't pass, dribble, shoot or perform any other basketball oriented task during the evening. But when the Grizzlies reached for a bench spark, Bayless shot 1-5, Pondexter shot 3-10 and Ed Davis lost equal number of turnovers as he had assists, and that will rarely ever reach a victorious outcome.

If I reach too deep into the Grizzlies box score, I'll make all of you plummet into a deep, dark depression, so I'll leave this recap on a sort of positive note: The Memphis Grizzlies need to figure out what they're doing on both sides of the ball to make any further progress in the Western Conference. When Dwight Howard commits four fouls in the first half and things are still hard-going, there are reasons to be concerned. (Yeah that's about as positive as I can be.)

Again, I won't say it's time to panic on the Griz front, but it's definitely not time to feel spectacularly great about the team going into the regular season. San Antonio won't present any easy victory in any form going forward, and neither will any other team that's able to sense the current weaknesses in the Grizzlies' lineup.

We need more, and we deserve more at this point.

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