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Grizzly Bear Blues Create-a-Caption #15 ::Championship Update!::

Post your caption in the comments and whichever has the most recs by the end of the week will be the winner!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

I'm stepping up my game this week with a better picture to caption. I hope that parlays itself into more captions and more rec's this week.

Let's up the ante to yet another level. At the All-Star Break this NBA season, say Friday, February 14th of 2014, I will announce a Create-a-Caption Champion that will be allowed to carry the signature of:

"Grizzy Bear Blues Official Captioneer."

This championship will be earned by a scoring combination of Create-a-Caption weekly victories and overall number of recs for your entire Create-a-Caption resumé. Each rec your caption receives will count as 1 point, and weekly victories (having the most rec'd caption by the posting of the next weekly contest) will count for a bonus of 3 points. The person with the highest point total by February 14th will be the winner.

I've debated as to whether or not including all past Create-a-Captions into the point total would be fair. There are plenty of you that put in some quality work for your hilarious captions in the past, but I'm also aware that a lot of people don't completely turn on their competitive fire until an actual competition is announced. This is obviously a non-tangible prize contest, so with that casual formatting, I can see an argument for both sides of it. Ultimately, you all will decide for me (thanks guys!). Think it through, and go with on of the four options in the poll below.

Good luck to everybody! Remember to be fair and vote for your favorites!