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Ed Davis Fined $15K for Flagrant 2 on Donatas Motiejunas


Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the 4-4 record and poor showing in the last two games, the Grizzlies walked away from the preseason clean and unscathed. Ed Davis' pockets wish they could say the same.

The NBA has announced that the fourth-year forward has been fined $15K for making "excessive and unnecessary contact with Houston Rockets forward Donatas Motiejunas". Here is video of the play that resulted in a flagrant 2 and ejection for Davis is the Grizzlies final preseason game.

As the Rockets announcers pointed out, Davis' play never looked like a "basketball play" which is why he was ejected. Considering the NBA recently suspended Nate Robinson and Markieff Morris recently for unnecessary contact this past week, it's safe to say Ed got by easy just being fined.

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