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Grizzly Bear Blues vs 3 Shades of Blue: Fantasy Basketball - Grizzlies Style

It's on like Donkey, Diddy and Dixie Kong, but GBB needs one of YOU to help fill the roster!

You! Yes, you! We need your help.
You! Yes, you! We need your help.
Jamie Squire

Hey gang! We've got some great things in the works here at GBB, and we want you guys to be involved in them.

In unprecedented fashion (as far as I know), Grizzly Bear Blues will be competing against our friends and fellows bloggers over at 3 Shades of Blue. The fine details of the league are still being sorted out, but what we do know is that it will be comprised of two sects of 6 players. On one side we'll have 6 great folks from 3SOB, and on the GBB side we will have 5 of our contributors (including yours truly), and .... wait for it .... ONE OF YOU!!! Our precious GBB readers.

So here's how selection works: in the comments below, post "I'm in for the GBB win" and your name will be entered into a drawing. This Sunday, October 6th, I will randomly select and post the winner that afternoon.

Please keep in mind, this is for some serious pride! You need to be able to keep up with your team all season, and honestly, it'd help if you have some fantasy basketball experience, because 3SOB will be ruthless. Joe Mullinax will be posting the complete details next week, but until then Joe will be able to respond to any queries about the league (so you know what you're getting into).

One League to rule them all,
One League to find them,
One League to bring them all,
and in the darkness grind them.