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2013-14 NBA Tipoff: Memphis Grizzlies Opening Night Poll

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Grizzlies fans, we're right back to the general area we left off last season - facing the San Antonio Spurs. We've all pounded our heads against various solid objects in the past few months, attempting to make sense of why and how the Spurs schooled our Grizzlies so emphatically back in May of this year.

The token points have been underlined and circled dozens, if not hundreds, of times. New head coach Dave Joerger's entire offensive philosophy is seemingly fitted around the struggles that San Antonio presented last year. The Grizzlies need better ball movement, better perimeter shooting and more scoring in transition. Thus far in the preseason, the Grizzlies have not shown us that they have solidified those chinks in their armor.

The plan is there, and it makes sense on paper. But we aren't playing Dungeons and Dragons here (okay, maybe a large portion of Spurs fans actually are playing D&D), the Grizzlies need to be in the general vicinity of flawless execution to defeat the Spurs, especially in San Antonio.

What what say ye, masses? What will be the outcome of the Grizzlies opening night?

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