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Grizzlies vs Pistons Home Opener Tickets: Still available for as low as $15.87

The Grizzlies home opener in Memphis is just a day away, and for mere dollars you can still get in on the live action.

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The Memphis Grizzlies are in a small market for an NBA team, and with that market comes the short end of media deals, endorsements and general national exposure. But one of the perks of our situation will probably always be very affordable tickets prices for home games.

Vivid Seats, a secondary ticket marketplace, just released their annual report on NBA ticket prices, and the Grizzlies are tied for the 3rd lowest median ticket price in the NBA at $55.00. That's to say, if you laid out all the available Grizzlies tickets and took out the outliers ($1 tickets for Tuesday night games against Phoenix and the moron that lists his Lakers ticket for $5000) the price right in the middle of all available tickets is $55 bones.

However, for as little as $15.87 a ticket, you can walk into FedexForum tomorrow night, and hopefully walk out with a Grizzly victory, but most definitely a free T-shirt that'll be given out to all in attendance.

So here are some ticket outlets for you all who don't want to go to Ticketmaster (which is probably 99.9% of you):

NBA Tickets - Cheapest Ticket: $15.87

This is the site that the Grizzlies organization prefers for you to use to purchase resale tickets. They guarantee the authenticity of every single ticket, and they allow you to send/receive them electronically. The catch is that they charge $5 service per ticket, sales tax and tack on $4.95 for an electronic delivery fee (AKA an email). Dear Griz, I'd love to endorse your preferred ticket marketplace, but the fees are ridiculous (and often exceed the actual ticket price).

Vivid Seats - Cheapest Ticket: $27.71

A shout out to Alexa and the fine folks at Vivid Seats (a Chicago based secondary ticket marketplace) who provided me with the report of all their average ticket prices. According to Vivid, the Grizzlies do not take part in any of the 25 priciest games in the NBA this season. They've got a great site that's very easy to use, a 100% buyer guarantee and they also list the giveaways, when applicable, for each game. Vivid Seats only charges a marginal service fee per ticket ($1-$2), and the $4.95 electronic delivery charge covers any amount of tickets you're wanting to buy.

Stubhub - Cheapest Ticket: $26.70

Last and certainly not least, is my favorite secondary ticket marketplace. is loaded with bargains for nearly every game on the docket. In addition to having a fantastic layout that makes for easy use, the prices you see on Stubhub include all of the delivery and processing fees, i.e., when you click on an $11.50 ticket, you pay $11.50 for the ticket. Stubhub also has a feature that allows you to purchase a group lot of tickets, but split the cost with your friends (so that you don't have to spot someone tickets and never get paid back). Stubhub also guarantees all their tickets, and I've never had any issues with the few dozen times I have used them for Grizzlies tickets.

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