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ESPN 2013 NBA Player Rankings #101-200: Prince, Davis, Koufos, Bayless

ESPN is releasing their 2013 NBA Player Rankings and we'll take a look at where the Grizzlies (and other relevant players) show up on the list.


  • Tayshaun Prince - #192 (down from 144) Prince's stats didn't help him very much last year. I'm really hoping that this old cherry tree has one last blossom in him.
  • Ed Davis - #156 (up from 233) Lionel Hollins can personably be held accountable for Davis not being ranked at least another 30 slots higher. If Ed can just hit his FT's he'll go up another 30 spots next year.
  • Kosta Koufos - #150 (up from 244) At #150 that would technically rank Koufos as the worst starter in the NBA (30x5) from last year, which is absolutely ridiculous. That said, he's up about 100 spots so his abilities are obviously not going unnoticed.
  • Jerryd Bayless - #146 (up from 197) If Bayless can put together a consistent 6 month regular season I imagine this ranking goes up quite a bit next year. Bayless has the clutch nature that's going to help him gain notoriety as those opportunities come in games.

My overall take: Seeing as how we're on the fringe of starter/6th man territory, it's nice to see our key backups making an appearance while showing significant improvement. Prince's deficiencies are going to be better managed this season so I expect him to get bumped back up next year. The three green arrows pointing up for Davis, Koufos and Bayless are indicative of this team as a whole.

Some other noteworthiness:

  • Metta World Peace - #189 (down from 137) A possible offseason target for the Grizzlies, apparently not much of an upgrade over Prince.
  • Mo Williams - #169 (down from 125) The one that got away (the only one this year), Williams is obviously more experienced and is a more affluent scorer than Calathes, but I feel as if there is a good chance Calathes is a better fit, overall.
  • Vince Carter - #142 (up from 185) One of my favorite players growing up, I included him just because it's kind of amazing he's still up this high at age 36. In fact, it's Vinsane!
  • Shane Battier - #134 (down from 107) Battier's value in the playoffs is higher than the ranking gives credit.
  • Greivis Vasquez - #124 (up from 224) ... tear drop? NO! I'm over it. I love Pondexter.

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