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TGIF: Thank Griz It's Friday: Inaugural Edition

We made it through the week! Here's what you may have missed, and what you should most certainly check out again. Feel free to discuss whatever your little heart desires in the thread below.

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Changing of the Guard: This week we had to say goodbye to Mr. Kevin Lipe as our managing editor. He will still lurk around our comments and provide with tidbits of Grizznocity, and as new managing editor of GBB, I look forward to his presence.

Welcome the New Guys: Although they've been around for a while now, I'd like to extend an official welcome to newer comers in Matt Hrdlicka, Joe Mullinax and Kevin Yeung. We are now stacked like the Grizzlies roster, folks.

Everyone at Grizzly Bear Blues owes you a debt of gratitude, and we look forward to your articles at Beyond the Arc at the Memphis Flyer. In addition to Kevin's material at the Flyer, some other great sources for Grizzlies reading include:

  • 3 Shades of Blue, the Grizzlies affiliate for ESPN's True Hoop Network, features some spectacular writers and a great up-close look at the Grizzlies. They're kicking off the start of 3SOB Radio, anchored by some great people, and everyone should be tuning for some premium Grizzlies coverage.
  • Beale Street Bears, of the fansided network is another go-to source for your daily Grizzlies reading.
  • Chris Herrington, the previous custodian of Beyond the Arc, is continuing his evolving coverage of the Grizzlies over at The Commercial Appeal, with Chris Herrington's Pick-and-Pop . You'll need a subscription to read it, but it's well worth your money for the real Memphis deal.
  • 901Grizz, the Grizzlies faction of Pure Griz threads.

Encore GBB Reads:

What you might have missed in the Griz World:

You can follow the staff of GBB on twitter:

Along with our staff, there are plenty of Twitter feeds that any Grizzlies fan should be following, including but absolutely not limited to:

  • Kevin Lipe - Beyond the Arc - @FlyerGrizBlog
  • Red Coleman - Chief Editor of 3SOB - @3SOB
  • Chris Herrington - Commercial Appeal - @HerringtonNBA
  • Steve Danziger - Writer for 3SOB - @SteveDanziger
  • CamOnGriz - Coverage by 901Grizz - @CamOnGriz
  • Ron Tillery - Grizzlies beat writer for The Commercial Appeal - @CAGrizBlog
  • Rick Trotter - The in-arena voice of your Memphis Grizzlies - @RickTrotter
  • Pete Pranica - Television play-by-play announcer for the Griz - @PetePranica
  • Eric Hasseltine - Radio play-by-play announcer for the Griz - @EricHasseltine

Everyone please remember, Be kind when you Grind.