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Pondexter's Progress Could Mean a Change of Scenery for Allen

Is it really possible that Q-Pon's development could mean that Tony Allen could change squads before his newly signed contract expires?

Could Pondexter's Improvements Force TA Out of the Bluff City?
Could Pondexter's Improvements Force TA Out of the Bluff City?
Stephen Dunn

ESPN's Joe Kaiser recently had a post on's Insider page about Quincy Pondexter and his 5th place ranking on Amin Elhassan's "Best 3-and-D Players" list. Here is what Elhassan had to say about Quincy's growth-

...Pondexter is fast becoming one of the elite defenders on the wing, and his developing 3-point shot threatens to make Allen expendable. Like Leonard, Pondexter was more of an offense-focused player in college whose range did not extend well, but has made the transition to a role player in the league. He's a tenacious defender with the size and strength to guard a wide variety of wings. Offensively, he's most effective from beyond the arc from the corners, shooting 46 percent (41-of-90).

Kaiser goes on to respond to Elhassan...

...The emergence of Pondexter is something to keep a close eye on, because Pondexter has improved greatly in his three NBA seasons, just like he did over the course of his college career at Washington. At 6-foot-6, 225-pounds, he's also a bigger and taller version of Allen who happens to be six years younger and do many of the same things on the court.

Pondexter is set to make $2.2 million this season, and the Grizzlies have until Oct. 31 to offer him a new contract that would lock him up for 2014-15 and beyond. If they don't, Pondexter can become a restricted free agent next summer...

Now, the rumors about Zach Randolph being traded are understandable; his contract is huge, he has a player option into next season and Ed Davis had success, albeit limited, in Toronto and was the key piece of the Rudy Gay trade. However, Q's development impacting Tony Allen as a Grizzly? The ink has yet to dry on Tony's affordable 4 year, $20 million deal and is a tremendous influence on the Grit and Grind Grizzlies. However, there is no doubt that Q has gotten better and his ability to shoot the long ball in addition to defend an a high level would be nice to have on the court for extended minutes. Q can play the 3, but his future may well be as the shooting guard in Memphis.

What do you think? Could Quincy Pondexter really end the Grindfather's time in Memphis?

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