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Grizzly Bear Blues vs 3 Shades of Blue: Which GBB reader will join us?!

And the GBBer randomly selected to join the fantasy squad against 3SOB is...

Jamie Squire


Congratulations! We're stoked to have you on board and I'm personally counting on you to make up for all the slack that I'll be providing (j/k I'm not that bad.... kinda... I think). Go ahead and give MulliGrizz a shout at and we'll get you going!

Thank you to all who volunteered their services. If a situation should arise where another reader is needed to join, I'll draw from the other five names who posted on the original recruitment article and let you know.

We all encourage you to follow along with the GBB/3SOB battle this season. You can also look forward to some Grizzlies related fantasy basketball posts from our more fantasy-savvy-writers as the season gets going.

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